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Courtney G Jones BIO

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Filmmaker, Courtney G. Jones is a Hollywood ex-pat currently living in the Pacific Northwest.


Over the past 25 years, he has worked on a variety of projects such as: national commercials for Visa and American Idol, major music videos for Aaliyah, Anthrax and Busta Rhymes, feature films starring Ted Danson, Henry Winkler, Reno Wilson, Michelle Waterson and television series on MTV/VH1, HBO and UMC.


Courtney is currently in pre-production on his fourth feature film and in development on a series with actor/producers Rick Gomez and Steve Zahn.


Although Courtney has worked with every medium from celluloid to high-end digital cinema cameras, he enjoys pushing the mobile medium to its limits. He is not abandoning the other mediums, but is focusing, primarily, on a 'mobile first' workflow moving forward.


Glen Mulcahy BIO

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Glen Mulcahy is the co-founder and managing director of Mojofest Ltd and the owner or Titanium-Media.

Mojofest Ltd runs events including “Mojofest”, an annual international conference which explores professional mobile content creation and “SmartFotoFest” which is an annual mini-conference and exhibition which explores smartphone photography. 

The former head of Innovation with RTÉ, Ireland's national public broadcaster, Glen has inspired and driven the growth of mobile journalism within RTÉ's newsroom and across other European broadcasters. Glen was the founder and event manager of RTÉ Mojocon and he was the lead on RTÉ's mobile journalism project (“mojo”).

Glen has trained in excess of 8000 journalists in the US, Europe and the Middle East, across television, radio, print and online and his specialities are Mobile Journalism, Video Journalism, VR/360 and Photography.


He has spoken at numerous media industry events including, IBC Conference, EBU News Technology summit, Aljazeera Forum, News Rewired, ITV News conference, 3XEDigital, Connected TV World Summit and more.

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